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PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang pertambangan dan pemasaran batubara untuk pelanggan industri baik pasar ekspor maupun domestik. PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) adalah perusahaan pertambangan batubara yang berlokasi di Sangatta, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia dan mengelola salah satu pertambangan open-pit terbesar di dunia. Lowongan Kerja PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC).

Dari kantor pusat di Sangatta, Kabupaten Kutai Timur, Propinsi Kalimatan Timur dan kantor perwakilan di Jakarta, Samarinda, dan Balikpapan, KPC mengelola area konsesi pertambangan dengan luas mencapai 84,938 hektar. Dengan didukung oleh lebih dari 4.499 orang karyawan dan 21.000 personel dari kontraktor dan perusahaan terkait, kapasitas produksi batubara KPC mencapai 70 juta ton per tahun.

Visi: Menjadi Produsen batubara terkemuka Indonesia untuk memenuhi kebutuhan dunia, yang memberikan nilai optimal bagi semua pemangku kepentingan.

Lowongan Kerja PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

Saat ini PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) memberikan kesempatan lowongan kerja untuk dapat bergabung bersama dengan posisi sebagai berikut:

1. Engineer – Geotechnical

Qualifications :

  • S1 Geology/Mining/Civil Engineering from a reputable university with a minimum of 3 years experience in the mining industry, ideally with exposure to the mine geotechnical, geology, and mine production matters, S2 degree majoring in Geotechnical is advantageous
  • Have a good understanding of mine geotechnical engineering, mine geology, and coal mining operation activities
  • Have excellent skills in working with geotechnical software in practicals, such as RockScience, GeoStudio Package and Plaxis
  • Proficient written and oral communication skills in Bahasa and English

Key elements of the position include :

  • Gather field data, progressively interpret geological information, and asisist in planning further work or modification of the current program
  • Generating, analyzing and interpreting Geotechnical data to determine rock/material properties for slope stability analysis
  • Conduct Geotechnical Assessment and investigation for pit, dump, road, and topsoil stockpile design
  • Conduct back analysis and provide some recommendations for any pit wall, dump, road, and topsoll stockpile failure
  • Oversee geotechnical laboratory, core shed, monitoring, and civil investigation activities
    Read, understand, and implement all KPC safety procedures related to Prima Nibaya and Fatality Prevention Element
  • Review and upgrade all JSA and SOP in the Geotechnical section so that all high-risk activities are covered by a JSA or SOP
  • Monitor HSE aspects of operational activities
  • Supervise monitoring, instrument, and installation crew to enure that all instrument has been installed at the critical location within the responsible area, gather monitoring data, report, and communicate to operation
  • Coach, mentor, and develop crew Geotechnical
  • Manage all crew Geotechnical job lists to control overtime
  • Manage all geotechnical tools inventory and suggest whether new tools need to be budgeted or purchased to ensure all geotechnical activity can be performed continuously
  • Promote and reinforce continuous improvement effort within the section

2. Senior Engineer – Coal Quality

Qualifications :

  • S1 Mining Engineering, Geology, or Science (Math/Chemsitry) with a minimum of 5 years experience working in a coal production/geology/quality environment
  • Possess numerical skill (working with numbers) able to collect and analyse data of coal quality, and monitor the implementation of the plan
  • Understand each specification that relates to coal quality required by each buyer in the contract
  • Excellent written and oral communication both English and Indonesian, to liaise with internal and external contacts
    Able to perform lateral thinking and to make palns, especially on coal production
  • Able to operate computer software, especially spread sheet (advanced in spread sheet like Ms Excel)
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret instructional and technical materials relating to technical procedures quality management, safety and applicable government regulations
  • Ability to implement quality assurance and quality control methodology
  • Strong analytical background
  • Strong leadership and planning skill

Key elements of the position include :

  • Coordinate with Pit Geologist/Supt. Grade Control for updating quality from pit samples and geological model
  • Liaise and coordinate with the mine planning team to review the ROM product split/classification from time to time to align with the current market condition
  • Liaise and coordinate with MOD and CMD engineer/Supt. Technical both Sangatta and Bengalon on regerds to the short, mid, and long-term production plan
  • Liaise and coordinate with CPPM, CHTM, Marine, and CMD Bengalon in regard to schedule maintenance
  • Liaise and coordinate with Marketing to advise quality specs of coal sales or available products to market
  • Provide instructions/information to the Crusher Scheduler Engineer and Blend Planner Engineer to align their plan with respect to the coal flow scenario
  • Coordinate with MOD and CMD Pit Production/Technical to ensure the quality of coals is still within the acceptiable range stated in the spesification
  • Monitor mining progress at the pit on a weekly basis
  • Conduct reguler monitoring; manage data on the quality of coal at ROM stockpiles and Coal Inventories to obtain consisten, accurates and valid data
  • Develop and knowledge transfer to other seconded employees
  • Continuously measure the current performance of the section in terms of productivity and efficiency
  • Identify the opportunities, initiate and manage the changes required in business processes in order to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Promote, reinforce and monitor the implementation of KPC’s HSE systems in all aspects of the section’s activities

3. Engineer – Civil

Qualifications :

  • S1 Civil/Water Resources Engineering with a minimum of 3 years experience in the mining industry
  • Sound knowledge of civil environmental and mining engineering
  • Sound knowledge of water management of mining (hydrology & hydraulic), mining mechinery, associated equipment, and applications as they apply to earthworks and dredge
  • Good command of both Indonesian and English (oral and written)
    Good computer skills in Word, Excel, Ms PowerPoint and Ms Project
  • Have good leadership, communication and interpersonal skill for a diverse range of subordinate roles from engineering/planning staff to equipment operators and contract laborers
  • Have execellent problem-solving ability to resolve scheduling and resourcing conflicts
  • Able to effectively manage personnal and ensure teamwork with a diverse range of roles
  • Able to manage conflict and provide leadership in tense industrial situations
  • Able to delegate tasks and ensure that objectives are achieved
  • Able to think and act independently up to the level of approved authority
  • Able to continually question existing methods and look for improvements to improve productivity and reduce costs

Key elements of the position include :

  • Evaluate plans received (related to civil projects) from the central planning departement with the superintendent to identify critica issues and provide feedback for any plan revision
  • Present plans to operation staff at planning meetings and provide technical support and feedback such as spesifications, etc
    Oversee the plan requirement in advance to have a better strategy for project and equipment scheduling
  • Coordinate engineers in executing projects based on prioritization from the bigger picture plan and identify areas for improvement
  • Prepare an annual budget based on equipment, production performance, and overall target
  • Coach colleagues especially on the technical and costing aspects
  • Prepare data for monthly reports
  • Coordinate project prioritization from the bigger picture plan and identify areas for improvement
  • Manage the CEA development and tender documents, and be involved in related commercial processes required by the departement for major projects or equipment purchases
  • Monitor the operation or progress of ongoing contracts, including day-to-day monitoring of several umbrella contracts, and take actions required if there are any problems
  • Demonstrate and encourage conformity to and implementation of HSE regulations, policies, rules and systems
  • Supervise and implement business and performance improvement within the work unit
  • Implement activities as an instruction to achieve efficient and optimum manner
  • Contribute to the implementation of knowledge management within the work unit by, e.g. performing coaching and knowledge sharing to peers

4. Engineer – Coal Technology

Qualifications :

  • S1 Chemical Engineering, Material Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physic, or Mathematics with a minimum of 3 years working experience in laboratory activity
  • Have a certificate of understanding and recognition of ISO 17025:2017; familiar with method validation and verification for analysis
  • Have experience in conducting quality issue investigations and solid expertise in coal properties
  • Understand the workflow of quality assurance including activities within KPC
  • Have good communication, analytical, and leadership skills
  • Have good computing skills (Ms Office) Understanding VBA and/or simple programming language is preferable
  • Have high initiative and passion for accuracy in data processing
  • Able to use English for minimal passive communication, and proficient in Bahasa (oral and written)

Key elements of the position include :

  • Carry out investigation and subsequent actions in collaboration with the relevant operational team, from the mining site to the port
  • Coordinate to identify the source of the contaminant material and issue a contaminant notification until the investigation is completed
  • Ensure that the magnet separator, metal detector and crusher are performing effectively in both the Sangatta and LTT areas
  • Conduct monitoring activities to prevent contamination within the mine, crusher and port areas
  • Monitor the condition of mechanical sampling in the fixed plant to ensure compliance with standards
  • Coordinate with the team to perform maintenance on sampling equipment, ensuring optimal mechanical sampling performance
  • Support and facilities the necessary technical reviews for laboratory operations
  • Assist the laboratory in achieving KAN accreditation of ISO 17025:2017
  • Coordinate the provision of technical support for coal characteristics and coal sample testing
  • Offer technical advice regarding coal quality to support operational activities
  • Conduct regular evaluations of coal properties for pre-product and coal production
  • Keep the Coal Product Specification information sheet updated

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